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SWITCHcert for universities: keeping your data safe

SWITCH's Computer Emergency Response Team protects the Swiss academic network against cyber attacks. It gives universities early warning of threats and recommends countermeasure

As the operator of the Swiss academic network SWITCHlan, SWITCH faces challenges on a number of levels: security, performance and availability. Protecting universities against cyber attacks and maintaining a faultless ICT infrastructure are two of the core tasks of SWITCH's Computer Emergency Response Team (SWITCH-CERT).

First port of call for security issues

SWITCH is the first place IT departments turn to when it comes to IT security issues. SWITCH-CERT monitors data traffic at the interfaces between the academic network and the Internet and makes sure that the universities are informed about the current security situation and any problems that arise on a daily basis. It also supports IT departments in finding innovative security solutions. As an active member of key international security networks, SWITCH-CERT can also act swiftly and effectively across national borders in the interests of its clients when security incidents occur.

Services at a glance
  • Permanent monitoring of the network to identify security problems
  • Early warning of risks and proactive communication
  • Rapid support in emergencies
  • Knowledge transfer through the Security Working Group
  • Regular information on the latest security issues
  • Advice and training on current security topics
  • Development of innovative security mechanisms
Benefits for universities
  • Maximum protection of the university network against cyber attacks
  • Analysis and reports on the current security situation
  • Expert assistance with security incidents
  • Collaboration with other CERT organisations
  • Silvio Oertli
    Team Leader Security Universities & Registry
    +41 44 268 16 28

SWITCHcert for universities

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