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SWITCHcert for banks: know-how for secure e-banking

Cybercrime is a growing danger for financial service providers. SWITCHcert for banks helps those in charge of online security operations to identify complex threats to their business at an early stage and successfully defend against attacks.

We are all aware of the challenge: Internet fraudsters are getting cleverer and more professional all the time. This is forcing financial service providers to make constant efforts to adapt and step up their defences. As the attackers become increasingly professional, IT security staff must do the same and network more effectively.

Security know-how from the academic world

Having operated the Swiss academic network and the domain name database for Switzerland and Liechtenstein for many years, the non-profit SWITCH foundation has both the in-depth knowledge and the tools needed to offer data networks the best possible protection against attacks, manipulation and misuse. The Computer Emergency Response Team or SWITCH-CERT for short works to ensure that all clients, be they universities, financial institutions or Swiss Internet users in general, enjoy maximum security.

Success through collaboration

Cybercrime is no longer something you can fight alone. With this in mind, SWITCH has been working together with international CERT organisations for years. This collaboration helps our security experts to build up a complete picture of the risk situation on the Internet and work out which measures they need to take.

Profiting from SWITCH's know-how

SWITCH-CERT supports Swiss businesses in the fight against cybercrime and has extensive experience on the front line. The team has an excellent network of international contacts. SWITCH makes its security know-how available to IT security staff in the financial sector through its service SWITCHcert for banks. This provides banks with a neutral and secure platform for collaborating within the industry.

Services at a glance
  • Regular discussions of the current situation
  • Info service for staff: info days, training courses, access to info, phone and e-mail support
  • Training and documentation for helpdesk staff
  • Monitoring for early warning of client-specific attacks
  • Forensic analysis to identify malware
  • Malware analysis as a basis for countermeasures
  • Damage limitation measure (incident handling)
Benefits for banks
  • A neutral and secure platform for collaborating within the industry provided by SWITCH
  • Early warning
  • Shortened risk duration
  • Reduced costs and losses
  • Access to specialist knowledge from the international CERT network

Protecting your reputation and maintaining your clients' trust

  • Frank Herberg
    Team Leader Security Financial Services
    +41 44 268 16 26
Sales Contact
  • Michael Fuchs
    Sales Representative Financial Services
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SWITCHcert for banks

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